Angelique Boyer broke his heart, even though he gave her everything

Angelique Boyer October 30, 2022, 6:18 p.m No one can dispute the remarkable careers of Angelique Boyer and Angélica Rivera, but what else can they have in common? Apart from fame and fortune, the answer is that they shared the same man. It is about the producer and brother of Verónica Castro, José Alberto Castro, … Read more

As a bunny, Sofía Castro shines in a leather bodysuit and fishnet stockings on her 26th birthday

This weekend was celebrated in various parts of Mexico and the world with festivities Halloween, one of the most anticipated of the year because participants can let their imagination run wild and dress up as their favorite characters. Celebrities who showed their outfits on social networks were not unaware of this either. One of them … Read more

At the age of 26, Sofija Castro flaunts herself in these bikinis from the beach

Angelica Sofia Sainz RiveraMexican actress and daughter of Angelica Riverashe turns 26 this October 30 and, although her career took off with big productions like “Malverde: Patron Saint”, today she is also known as one of influential persons with millions of followers online. On social networks like Instagram, The daughter of “La Gaviote” has more … Read more

All on television. Anahí and Angélica Rivera would be used for the same purpose

Angelica Rivera and Anahi October 29, 2022, 9:07 p.m That there is a close relationship between politicians and the media, no one can deny; however, the situation is different with Televisa, because it is said that this television is capable of doing everything to serve the political powers. And one of those things they would … Read more