Bombs? Fernando Hierro’s policy to hire footballers for Chivas

EXCLUSIVE PASSION OF THE HERD The new sporting director of Guadalajara made a decision on the procedure for selecting potential reinforcements for the Flock. Per Leon Iturbide 03/11/2022 – 21:54 CDT IMAGO 7 The internal restructuring of Chivas continues to take firm steps to build a new sports project under its management Fernando Hierro and … Read more

The first player to leave Chivas with Veljko Paunović as coach

Liga Mx The high command of Flock is analyzing the candidates for reinforcements, and the possibility of the departure of winger Rojiblanco is also mentioned. Per Aldo Miranda 2.11.2022. – 8:25 p.m. CDT © Imago7Paunović is planning the departure of the first player to Chivas Work from Veljko Paunović, the coach of the Guadalajara club, … Read more

Ricardo Peláez’s unexpected confession about Amaury Vergara, after his departure from Chivas

Liga MX The leader left his position a few days ago and now Krdo confirms the new sports organization. Per Aldo Miranda 02/11/2022 – 4:01 PM CDT © Imago7Ricardo Peláez’s confession about Amaury Vergara in Club Guadalajara has no time to look at the past, but to continue shaping the new project under the leadership … Read more

SCANDAL! The journalist revealed the names of the people who influence the core strengths of Chivas

Basic forces A well-known communicator detailed the alleged mismanagement of Guadalajara’s base forces. Per Leon Iturbide 01/11/2022 – 12:16 PM CDT IMAGO 7 The new sports project that is being built within Chivas shakes up the whole of Mexican football, not only because of the presence of a world figure like Fernando Hierro, but also … Read more

Carlos Vela or Chicharito? Fernando Hierro did not close the door of Chivas to anyone

Liga Mx Guadalajara’s sporting director explained some of the factors that are taken into account when choosing a possible reinforcement. Per Leon Iturbide 10/31/2022 – 7:16 PM CDT GETTY IMAGES Tend to a la absence of Fernando Hierro in Mexico, sports director of Chivas continues to work on drawing up a new project that he … Read more

From Cruz Azul to Chivas? The real possibilities of Paco Jémez to arrive in Guadalajara in 2023.

EXCLUSIVE PASSION OF THE HERD The former Cruz Azul coach was mentioned among the possibilities to lead Guadalajara due to the rejection of Alberto Celades. Per Leon Iturbide 10/29/2022 – 7:43 PM CDT MEDIA HOURS The Chivas fans are starting to get impatient about the appointment of a new technical directorsince despite the efforts of … Read more

The former Chivas player who now plays abroad wants to return to the Mx league in 2023

FORMER CHIVAS Guadalajara enabled the export to Europe of this player, who after passing through various foreign clubs decided to return home. Per Leon Iturbide 10/29/2022 – 8:55 PM CDT IMAGO 7 Chivas is a club that usually attracts the spotlight of many countries around the world, which is why for many years it was … Read more