New bet on rojiblanca? Fernando Hierro is the new candidate to lead Chivas

Liga Mx Given the difficulty in convincing Alberto Celades, new potential names to lead the Flock continue to emerge. Per Leon Iturbide 10/29/2022 – 6:04 PM CDT GETTY IMAGES Fernando Hierro understands that managing Chivas’ sports project is not an easy task, since he encountered many difficulties in finding the ideal coach to manage Guadalajara, … Read more

Albert Celades would not make it to Chivas, and these are the three names that Fernando Hierro pointed out

Liga MX Chivas can’t seal the arrival of Alberto Celades, so Fernando Hierro already has the next three names on the map to replace Ricardo Cadena. Per Lautaro Tonellotto 10/28/2022 – 6:23 PM CDT 10/28/2022 – 6:23 PM CDT © Image 7Fernando Hierro is already considering three possible Chivas coaches. IN Chivas Guadalajara Much of … Read more