Summary of the match Pachuca – Toluca (3-1) GOALSHalftime

Hidalgo Stadium, Pachuca. /

The devil did not appear in Hidalgo Stadium and Pachuca was declared 2022 Opening Winner beating Toluca 3-1 (8-2 overall) and so get yours seventh title in Liga MXat the packed Hidalgo Stadium and with great support from the team from Hidalgo.

The downside i mood swing It was too much for the Scarlets, that as much as they wanted, they simply couldn’t, and so, Pachuca lifted the championship title again, which has not happened since Closing in 2016 when with Diego Alonso On the bench, They beat Rayados de Monterrey 2-1.

Bad Tuzos they hit the nail on the head, because 6 months ago, in the same scenario, Atlas became a double champion and Champion of Champions, so they could not afford to lose their historical advantage after leaving 5-1 in the first game.

That’s right, the Uruguayan coach William Almada could finally be champion, stay twice, once with Santos Laguna and others with Pachucanothing from the title, but the third time was the charm.

with 5-1 in favor of Tuzthe one who was forced to go for goals was Tolucaeven so Pachuca He gave the first warning with a powerful blow from Erick Sanchez Only in the 13th minute, which he stopped with an excellent throw, the crimson goalkeeper, Tiago Volpi.

Toluca He answered and in 21′ he did it 1-0which he put overall 5-2when Raul Lopezhe launched a boot into the distance that fooled the Pachuca goalkeeper, Oscar Ustari and the ball was saved. The move was born from a long lineage Andres Felipe Mosquera who combed his hair, Carlos Gonzalezleave possession to Fingers.

The celebration was very emotional, since a few days ago lost his mother and dedicated it to heaven.

Bad Tuzos tried to restore the advantage to 4 goals and Luis Chavez took a free kick in 26′, which Handcuffs he slowed down and turned, because the attack was too dangerous and two minutes later, Marcel Ruiz swept into the area to take the chance to Nicholas Ibanez.

Later there was a controversy when at 41′, Jean Meneses He wanted to kick the ball into the penalty area, first he hit it with his head, then in his hand, and a penalty was called for, which he immediately realized. Adonai Escobedo.

The play was previewed for a few minutes in the ANYWAY, and the decision was finally confirmed. At 45′, he stuffed it Ibanezbut Volpi jumped to his right and parried the shot.

It seemed to cost money Pachucabut no, because after a few seconds, Víctor Guzmán made it 1-1 (6-2 overall) finishing the center inside what appeared to be a safe area, which ended up slightly deflected, Ferdinand Navarro.

Already in the second half, Ibanez the failure of the first half was shaken by a great goal put 51 ‘2-1 (7-2 overall) to kill any Mexican aspirations.

Nico he also settled for a free kick Chavezhis partner opened the archer, who let his right hand beat Handcuffs.

More Ibanez he had the third, eighth in total, keeping the ball in the area at 67′, which he shot, but on the line, Valber Huerta He denied the goal with his head.

Al 72′, Haret Ortega hit the center with your hand Victor Guzman, which was claimed as a penalty. The referee was called ANYWAY and it was decided to impose the maximum penalty. He took the ball Gustavo Cabral, who cashed in right of Handcuffs score to make it 3-1 (8-2 overall).

After this last goal, Toluca he couldn’t do anything anymore, only the ball that Daniel Alvarez put it on the post in 84′, and only the final whistle was waiting for it Pachuca celebrate at home

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