stellar aesthetic treatment for slimming ankles

The ankle size has become a complex who pursues many women.

Sometimes wider ankles hide the so-called condition lymphedema or circulatory disorder. This occurs due to the accumulation of fluid and fat, which causes them to increase.

In any case, if you want to lose weight in your ankles, you can opt for aesthetic treatment with Storz Medical shock waves.

[¿Qué podemos hacer cuando las piernas se nos hinchan por el calor?]

These waves represented a revolution in the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies. They later appeared in cosmetic surgery, showing that they break down adipocytes and stimulate blood and lymph circulation.

They strengthen muscles and tendons, in just seven minutes per session, they affect fat tissue, circulation and muscles, achieving a reduction in ankle circumference without endangering health.

shock waves

Treatment, as Clínicas Zúrich explains, consists of application shock waves or acoustics on the body area to be treated. Acoustic waves are sound waves characterized by large pressure amplitudes in relation to the environment.

They produce a mechanical stimulus that resets the cells to reactivate their functions from the fibroblasts themselves, restoring their initial activity in a “natural cell awakening” effect. and an increase in the permeability of the cell membrane, with the consequence release of free fatty acids and glycerin from cells.

According to the Adelgar Medical Center, Storz Medical shock waves, with AWT radial acoustic wave technology, enable the application body remodeling working specifically and in a permanent way of the area with localized fat.

“This technology causes a physiological response that accelerates the natural processes of tissue regeneration, stimulates blood circulation and reduces fat cells in just a few sessions”, they point out.

Exercises for defined ankles

have a little thick ankles can be the result of genetic factors, excess weight or fluid retention, among other causes, so that treatment does not work or is maintained over time in all cases.

It is impossible to rebel against the constitution. If the cause is excessive body weight, it is necessary to lose weight throughout the body by eating healthy and doing sports. If it is about fluid retention, in addition to doing specific exercises, you will need to reduce your salt intake, elevate your legs and avoid spending a lot of time sitting or standing.

In any case, the following exercises are recommended Women’s health will help you retain some more pronounced ankles:

  • skipping rope. This exercise, in addition to strengthening and toning your ankles, will help you tone your entire body and burn calories.
  • heel lift. Climb the step, place the top of the foot leaving the heel in the air. Controlling your movements, go up and down slowly, letting your ankles do all the work. If you want to give it more intensity, you can also put weights.
  • Jump team. Jump squats are another very useful and effective option. They are done in a similar way, but instead of climbing slowly, you should jump as high as you can. As you fall, use the force to lower and bend your legs and push yourself toward the ceiling.
  • Yoga wraps to remove toxins. From the position a step forward, bring your hands together and turn towards the leg supporting the opposite arm, bring your thumbs towards your chest and press your hand against your leg to rotate your back well. These bandages will cause your ankles to deflate.

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