Stampede in Seoul | “I couldn’t do my duty and I’m very sorry”: Policeman who tried to stop Halloween tragedy

  • Nick Marsh
  • BBC News, Seoul

Recording of the conversation with the police inspector

Kim Baek-gyeom is still visibly shaken by what he saw Saturday night in Seoul’s popular Itaewon district.

He is a deputy inspector in the capital of South Korea and was on duty that tragic night.

“We received a report of a fight in the area, so I arrived at the scene between 10.10 and 10.15 p.m.,” he explains to the BBC at his police station in Itaewon, a few meters from where the tragedy happened. .

He says that he saw people lying on the ground and heard screams. “I tried to do my duty, to help people. Unfortunately, I couldn’t”he says.

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