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The President of the Spanish Society of Anti-Aging Medicine and Longevity (SEMAL), plastic surgeon José Serres, announced this Thursday that the US Drug Agency, FDA, has approved the use of Daxxify*, a state-of-the-art botulinum toxin that “promises a more natural result” and prolongs its effect on six months.

As he explained, the longer duration of this type of botulinum toxin, which will soon begin to be applied in Spain, “will revolutionize the most requested aesthetic treatment, since patients would only have to go to clinics twice a year, compared to the current four”. .

This is one of the novelties presented at the last Semal Congress and will be discussed at the Congress of the Spanish Society of Facial Plastic Surgery from November 24 to 26 in Córdoba, where Dr. Serres will present the latest developments in combined facial rejuvenation techniques, fillers hyaluronic acid and botox.

Regarding already existing toxins, President Semal reminds that their application has been reviewed, since many of the indications that have been given, such as relative rest after going through the clinic for their application, “do not make sense as can be concluded from the latest studies.

A new botulinum toxin approved in Spain for aesthetic use Letybo* was also introduced, which will offer more variety among neuromodulators. La Semal also discussed antidotes that shorten the effect of botulinum toxin. And although it is clear that an antidote as such does not exist, it is foreseen that in the case of a minor complication in patients, some substances can be used that enable action to shorten the duration of the effect.

As they explained, Botox is still the best treatment for removing wrinkles, but at the clinical level it also has numerous applications, such as hyperhidrosis, whether axillary, plantar or palmar, and bruxism, teeth grinding, which until the appearance of toxins had poor treatment.

People who clench their teeth a lot, mostly during sleep, are offered an extraordinary solution, because they usually do it unconsciously, but this leaves consequences such as tooth sensitivity, wear of parts, neck tension, headache, ear and jaw pain.

“Botox gives very good results in migraines and blepharospasm or involuntary blinking of the eyelids, and even in spasms of the limbs due to paralysis and muscle contractures,” they emphasized. These last indications are treated in public hospitals or private clinics by medical specialists for each discipline.


Experts have warned against the spread of misleading offers of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers. “The removal of age-related wrinkles has also led to a flourishing of fraudulent practices carried out by unqualified people and in unauthorized centers, both in Spain and across Europe,” they said.

The French national agency for the safety of medicines and health products ANSM, in its French acronym, warned that so far this year it has received about forty reports of side effects after injections of hyaluronic acid performed by unauthorized persons.

“The current regulations stipulate that botulinum toxin and all filling substances may be administered only by doctors with appropriate qualifications and experience in treatment,” said President Semal, after reminding that the application must be carried out in authorized health centers.

Namely, doctors must have a pharmacy deposit and a special license issued by the Ministry of Health, Social Welfare and Equality. “Cosmetic centers, gyms or hair salons do not have this type of license. Aesthetic medicine cannot be practiced outside the health center,” concluded Dr. Serres.

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