Since no one is hiring him, Enrique Meza’s new job, this is how the former del Tri manages

What is Enrique Meza doing now?
What is Enrique Meza doing now?

Mexican coach Enrique Meza is one of the eminences that has Mexican football. A consistent strategist who did not sell out to the authorities and who already showed how Mexican football works and what the payoffs are.

The coach recalled in the final Pachuca vs. Toluca since under his leadership the MX League title was won, both for the Tuzos team and for the Red Devils team. But now Meza is no longer considered.

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The DT, who was also responsible for lifting the CONMEBOL international title with Pachuca, is now devoting himself to another pursuit off the pitch, where he was once considered the best DT in Mexico. At that time, Meza had to be Trije’s DT and prove defeat.

What is Enrique Meza doing now?

According to Soy Referee, the Mexican coach is not working, he is dedicated to giving his opinion on ESPN and although he was offered to be a panelist, Enrique Meza turned down the offer to be on TV.

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