Since no one hires him as a DT, what is Ricardo Ferretti doing now

Since no one hires him as a DT, what is Ricardo Ferretti doing now
Since no one hires him as a DT, what is Ricardo Ferretti doing now

No doubt Richard Ferretti he became one of the best coaches in the history of Mexican football in Tigres winning five Liga MX titles and leading the team to historical appearances for Concacaf such as runners-up Copa Libertadores and Club World Cup, which is an important achievement considering that no team from the confederation has reached both instances.

However, his cycle in the university team ended last year with elimination teams in the playoff phase and the arrival of Mauritius snake to the position of president of the team, which caused his departure from the cat club and his arrival at Bravos de Juárez, where he had one of his worst phases, going down administratively when he finished last in the table percentage and had to pay the most expensive penalty.

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That is why the Apertura 2022 was the first Competition from 1991 he started a coaching career in which he did not lead any team after going through teams such as Pumas, Chivas, Morelia, Toluca and even the Mexican national team in two stints, which seems to be the end of his successful stage direction in which he won seven Liga MX titles.

After the departure of Andrés Lillini from Pumas, it seemed that Universidad Nacional would be his home again, because to the media such as ESPN or TUDN considered the arrival of ‘Tuce’ in UNAM almost as a fact in the new phase, although according to David Medran from TV Aztec and Miguel Arizpe of Multimedios, did not reach the price and therefore hired Rafael Puente del Ría.

What is he doing now?

However, it seems that Ferretti is in no rush to return to the helm of the team as according to La Silla Rota his salary at Tigres was around 3.8 millions dollars for which he now devotes himself to giving media interviews, walking and lounging in private clubs in San Pedro, and collecting royalties from his properties in Nuevo León.

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