She is a relative of Lucerito Mijares, who conquers social networks with her beauty, inherited the sympathy of the “Bride of America”

In an environment full of talent and examples of greatness, small Lucero Mijares Hogaza He learned a lot from his parents. Manuel Mijares and Lucero, who constantly take her with them to their big music performances, where she has already made her way within the guild, but little is known about her private life, which is that at that time she was very careful about her professional image.

Now it has come to attention that the 17-year-old girl, who has a trained voice and is ready to fill the big stages, has caused a storm on social media after a photo of her next to the artist was published. Ricardo Arjonawho is considered one of the greatest exponents of the Spanish-speaking romantic ballad in the world.

It is widely known that the family consisting of Manuel Mijares and Lucero She is one of the most followed in pop music, and this was recently shown after her cousin “La Bebe” stood out on social networks with her cuteness, charisma and huge beauty externalized through every photo or video she posts, it is Montserrat Hogaza.

Antonio Hogaza is Montserrat’s father. IG photo: @antoniohogaza

Montserrat Hogaza, Lucerita’s cousin who conquers the internet

singer and actress Lucero has only one brother, Antonio Hogaza, who is also involved in the world of entertainment, but he does so in a way that is far from the spotlight because he dedicated himself to managing the career of the main character of “Alborada”, whose beauty she inherited from her niece Montserrat.

On the first of Lucerito Mijares She stood out on digital platforms because her family uploaded photos with her in which she immediately comes into the limelight, but the young girl chose a private life away from the spotlight and social media. Nevertheless, the photos posted by her father are enough to confirm that she looks like her aunt Lucero, from whom she inherited beauty, but also distinctive features such as eyes, brown hair and even a smile.



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