She goes to Disney in a bikini to get a free t-shirt; this has been shown

  • Before 2020, a ticket to Disneyland cost $104, about two thousand Mexican pesos.

  • In 2021, Walt Disney World earned approximately US$16.55 billion.

  • In 2020, more than 18.5 million people visited the different parks in the complex.

Social networks have become the best communication tool for people around the world. For this reason, many feel comfortable sharing their daily lives and even their experiences with their community, such as the woman who shared how her viral TikTok “trick” of wearing an “inappropriate” top at Disney World Make Park is giving you free shirt.

Walt Disney World theme parks are undoubtedly the leaders in this branch of entertainment, so according to their annual report in 2021. it has brought in approximately 16 thousand 550 million US dollars thanks to the various parks and vacation complexes that it has around the world.

For its part, the study by Themed Entertainment Association states in detail that in 2020, more than 18.5 million people visited the various parks of the Walt Disney World Resort complex, located in the state of Florida. Magic Kingdom, with nearly seven million visitors, was the company’s most visited park.

Can you get into Disney in a bikini?

As one of the most famous parks in the entire world, Disney’s dress code has been the topic of conversation on social media in recent months. With that said, several young women were asked to follow the parks dress code and were told they had to change or leave the park.

The first time this happened, Disney gave the person a chance to get a free t-shirt. But now things have changed and Disney has now said that guests will have to buy a t-shirt immediately or leave the park.

But there are many videos on TikTok in which some visitors advise going with an inappropriate T-shirt so that park employees will give them a free branded one to enter, such as the case of a woman who recorded her experience and shared it on the video platform.

The young Tintokera documented the entire process she went through upon arriving at the amusement park, where, she says, she took off the T-shirt she was wearing to remain in a tiny bikini, and then headed towards the entrance, where, according to the testimony she saw in the video on TikTok park workers gave him a free branded t-shirt so he could enter.

@heleniofficial free shirt hack at Disney World!? 🤔 #fypシ #disneyworldorlandoflorida #fyp #disneyhacksguide #disneyhacks2022 ♬ original sound – Helena

“I’m trying to hack TikTok to get a free t-shirt at Disney World Orlando,” he wrote in the video, which has been viewed 6.4 million times since it was posted on October 1.

To her excitement, park employees, invited cast members, stopped her, forcing her to buy a shirt to cover up.

“Denial! Trick,” the netizen said in his video.

According to the park’s policy on what to wear for a day at Disney, “clothing that by nature exposes excessive areas of skin that may be considered inappropriate for a family environment” may result in you being denied entry to the mouse house.

Appropriate clothing, including shoes and shirts, must therefore always be worn. Parks are an informal and familiar environment. Making sure the parks are family-friendly is an important part of the Disney experience. In that spirit, please use your discretion and common sense.”

Helen’s attempt received hundreds of comments and interactions on the Chinese social network.

“Team member here. It doesn’t work anymore. It became too popular on the internet and everyone was doing it,” the alleged Disney employee commented on the video.

But others said Helena didn’t do it right. “You need to be inside the park, not outside,” advises another comment.

Disney visitors have been very creative in recent months when it comes to saving money at the park. Recall that last month, a “shameless” woman went viral for dressing an elementary school boy as a baby to avoid paying sky-high ticket prices at an Orlando park.

And so everything that happens in the world today is shared on social networks, where people feel comfortable commenting on their experiences, even more so when it comes to a brand.

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