Shakira found the best Halloween costume at school

Halloween is getting closer and closer Colombian Shakira shared with you a great idea on how to dress up this Monday, October 31st or if you are planning to attend a scary costume party this weekend.

Well that Latin singer He revealed to more than 76 million followers that he came across an impressive style that one of the mums from his youngest son’s school would wear, that’s right, since he didn’t want to photograph the person and now that picture is all over the internet.

Well, he attended a performance at a school in Milan, where parents came in costume to celebrate that “Halloween” was approaching, so he turned his attention to queen of hip movements clothes that one of the mothers of the school institution would choose.

Because the lady was dressed in baggy orange pants, a blouse, a cape on top of an unusual pattern, literally a hole in the heart, hair between red and blue, a basket is awesome, does it look familiar? That’s right, it’s clothes Shakira in “Monotony”.

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“She’s not a normal mom, she’s a cool mom”

This is one of the comments received by the post, which reaches almost a million interactions, since this song, published last Wednesday, October 19, caused a storm on social networks, because for the first time it clearly talks about Gerard Pique.

Spanish football player with whom the translator “to stay with meThey had a love story of almost twelve years, two children and unfortunately in June of this year, the celebrity published a very short statement in which he clearly accepts that they are breaking up.

Reason? Infidelity by a Barcelona player, which caused all the rage of Internet users towards him, because he did not take care of his relationship with Shakiraso her support was shown and when she played the aforementioned tune, to which the school mom dressed up, it was a sensation on the platform.

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