Shakira and Piqué would fight over the song Monotonía, and she would chase him in his car

  • Piqué would hire Shakira for her new song when he visited her at her house.
  • After the discussion, Piqué would leave the house he had previously shared with the Colombian in annoyance.
  • Because of this, Shakira would have chased him in his car, but the journalist who saw them lost them on the road and did not know where they were going.

From Shakira released his new song ‘Monotony’ where he was dropping hints Pique and the reasons for their separation, the football player’s reaction was published because some paparazzi in Spain managed to catch him in front of Shakira’s house and in other places where they did not hesitate to ask him about it, but Shakira’s ex kept silent about it in front of the press.

In addition, days later, Shakira’s father was hospitalized, and the singer allegedly received support from Piqué since he was repeatedly captured in front of the Colombian woman’s house.

On one of those occasions, Piqué waited to be helped, but was left waiting because Shakira did not allow him access. It was then reported that the singer was caught a few minutes later in her car.

Piqué would ask Shakira for Monotony and they had a falling out

Now it turns out that Shakira and Piqué would fight Well, you’d be looking for him because of his song ‘Monotony’It was published by Spanish journalist Marc Leirado, commenting that he was able to know thanks to the fact that he was in front of the Colombian’s house and witnessed everything.

The journalist was waiting for Shakira to ask about the song, but he was surprised when he saw Piqué arrive at the address, “There was a car in front of Shakira’s door and I didn’t know it belonged to Piqué. So I stayed there for a while,” said the journalist on América TV.

The journalist commented on it Piqué left the house quite upset which he shared with Shakira and went to his car, so the journalist decided to approach him to ask him about Shakira’s song, but Piqué did not answer him and left in the car.

The day of the premiere of “Monotonia” Shakira was filmed like this leaving her house, it is assumed that everything happened that day:

A few moments later, the journalist saw it too Shakira followed Piqué in his car“Shakira’s garage door opens, Shakira left with her car on the same street where Piqué left. He went behind Gerard Hammered“, he noted.

This was pointed out by Marc Leirado on a portal from Spain After seeing Shakira leave Piqué, he started following them. too, but he lost them on the way, and added, “I feel they went somewhere together, but I don’t know where”.

This would happen on the same day that Piqué couldn’t get into Shakira’s house, but he would return once from that awkward moment where they were acting, so it could be because of the argument they had hours before.

“What a coincidence that on such a special day as today he appears there, comes and stands for 10 minutes in front of the door, and they didn’t open it,” paparazzi Jordi Martin said at the time.

Piqué would ask Shakira for Monotony and they had a falling out

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