Sexist violence: a fashion influencer was taken out of a restaurant because she was wearing cleavage

No impactr was forbidden to dine in a restaurant in Paris because her outfit had “too much cleavage” and went viral when she shared her story on social media. is around Polska Babinks, who has almost 700 thousand followers on TikTokand confronted the restaurant manager after being banned from dining at Paris’ Bastille cafe.

In the video that was posted, the beauty and fashion tiktoker together with her friends called the presenter a sexist, besides seeing the presenter claim that there is a dress code: “But you’re the one who writes the rules, I don’t understand you,” they ask. The girl was wearing pink clothes, the top was small and showed off her stomach and was deeply cutplus a miniskirt.

the place was empty

The video also shows how the place is almost empty and Polska tries to convince the manager to let them in, but he even says “call the police”. Not long after, a woman arrives whose role in the village is not clear, and they explain to her what is happening: “There are people who eat, but we have no right because we learn little… It’s embarrassing.”

She is a fashion influencer. Photo: Special.

The media and her followers turned against her

Polska and her friend Tootatis were invited to a French TV show to share their experience. Host Benjamin Castaldi, columnist Danielle Moreau and producer Guillaume Genton expressed their solidarity with the restaurant and they argued that they had every right to deny him entry.

This caused more controversy, because they even mentioned that there is no feminism in the girl’s claims and even called her “stupid”. Some of Polska’s supporters also turned against her and They accused her of not respecting the internal order of the place, but others accuse her that the whole situation is sexist and that she had every right to dress as she wanted.


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