Seoul mobilizes fighter jets after discovering large air deployment of North Korean forces | World | DW

The South Korean military mobilized dozens of fighter jets this Friday (04/11/2022) after identifying a large deployment of North Korean aircraft, which launched around 30 missiles in the past two days to respond to major air maneuvers by Seoul and Washington.

“Our military took action after identifying around 180 traces of North Korean military aircraft between 11:00 and 15:00 (2:00 – 6:00 GMT) today, Friday, November 4,” South Korea’s defense ministry said in declare.

“The Air Force of the Republic of Korea (the official name of South Korea) quickly mobilized its superior resources, including 80 units of F-35A,” explained the text, which added that about 240 aircraft participating in the combined exercises with the United States.

The training, called “Storm Vigilante”, would be to maintain a “vigilant pose” while performing the above maneuvers. The detection of the North Korean aircraft comes after Pyongyang fired about 30 missiles between Wednesday and Thursday.

One of them, a long-range ballistic missile (ICBM), apparently failed mid-flight while it was supposed to fly over Japan, while another short-range missile fell very close to South Korean territorial waters, something that had never happened before.

In retaliation for these launches, the allies announced that the exercises, which involve about 240 aircraft and were supposed to end today, will last until Saturday.

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