Selena Gomez talks to Vogue about her documentary My Mind and Me, which is available on Apple TV+

A documentary in a way My mind and me is a mere chronological account of the last six years of his life Selena Gomez: tours, crisis of physical and mental health which accelerated in those years, the cancellation of his Revival tour, a two-year hiatus between tours, a trip to Kenya for charity, the pandemic, a trip to the White House to discuss plans for mental health education in primary schools.

But it also offers unprecedented insight into how those events were influenced by what was going on in Gomez’s head and body. Especially in 2019, when she had a breakdown and was officially diagnosed Bipolar disorder.

Touchingly, we see the moment when Gómez decided to go public with his precise diagnosis and all the doubts he felt at the time, even though it was clear to him (by instinct) that greater openness could lead to greater destigmatization of the subject. .

My Mind and Me by Selena Gómez This is not an indictment of the media in the style of Framing Britney Spears or other documentaries that have exposed the relentless pressure of being a famous young woman in Hollywood.

It is, however, a damning documentary: a catalog of recurring questions or games to which Gomez is always asked to answer. “It’s a big waste of time,” he sighs after one such interview. And in general, this is what happened with his life, when every time he looks for a moment to achieve a greater purpose, he could not achieve it.

Determined not to waste time, we sat down with Selena Gomez and Alek Keshishian to talk about all the years they spent making this film together and what they hoped to achieve.


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Vogue: Tell me how the idea for this film came about.

Alek Keshishian: I worked with Selena Gomez in 2015 on Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself, and then when he went on tour in 2016, he approached me about doing a documentary. And we decided, after a few weeks, that it wasn’t the right time. I’m quite intrusive in my way of making films, because I like to have access to everything. Selena was very brave: ‘Yes, I’ll give it to you,’ she told me, but after a few weeks I felt like I was going through a lot and it wasn’t good for me to have the cameras there. We’re still friends, obviously. I fell in love with her.

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