screens, video games, laptops and headphones with up to 15% bonus using bank promotions

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is also approaching on the occasion of this great sporting event, amazon mexico has announced a special promotion called Fan Fest, where we can find some bank promotions to take advantage of discounts in different departments.

HSBC, BBVA and Banorte will have an active promotion during the entire manifestation that will last from October 26 to November 13. In addition, some brands have also teamed up to offer some suggestions for consumable products.

Amazon Prime with an irresistible discount in Mexico: three months for 147 pesos to enjoy the service with Prime Video and free shipping

To begin with, the main focus of this campaign is buying TVs, which is why even Amazon offers a list of different recommended models. The store has a guide for customers to help them decide what type of board and what size they need.

Amazon Mexico Fan Fest 2022 Bank Promotions

  • HSBC: 250 pesos in Amazon Mexico Gift Card for every 2,500 pesos of credit card purchases in the categories of TVs, Cell Phones, Video Games, Consoles, Electronic Accessories, Laptops, Headphones, Speakers, Printers, Projectors and Electronics. It is necessary to register on the bank’s website. Terms and conditions.
  • Banorta: 15% bonus on a minimum purchase of 5,000 pesos for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months without interest with a digital credit card in the categories of televisions, cell phones, video games, consoles, electronic accessories, laptops, headphones, speakers and others not listed. Terms and conditions.
  • BBVA: 4% bonus on minimum purchases of 10,000 pesos payment over 12 months without interest by credit card with a maximum limit of 4,000 pesos in television and electronic categories. Terms and conditions.

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