SCANDAL! The journalist revealed the names of the people who influence the core strengths of Chivas

Basic forces

A well-known communicator detailed the alleged mismanagement of Guadalajara’s base forces.


The new sports project that is being built within Chivas shakes up the whole of Mexican football, not only because of the presence of a world figure like Fernando Hierro, but also because of friendsambitious goals considered with respect to core strengths that would strengthen the Flock and all national football.

However, there are many skeptics that Guadalajara will achieve each of these announced goals, so ESPN reporter, José Ramón Fernández posted a message on his Twitter addressed to Amaury Vergara, pointing out the names of people who would prevent the exploitation of the red and white quarry.

Mariano Varela, Alberto Coyote, Jorge Dominguez, Luis Manuel Diaz and Joaquin Moreno Ruiz they are a fundamental part of basic and visionary forces. They belong to an association and block young people. Everyone knows that, except Amaury Vergara. José Luis Real is among them,” the famous communicator wrote.


It is not the first time that a figure from the football union has railed against members of the rojiblanco club for alleged mismanagement in the lower leagues, since a few months Adolfo Bofo Bautista also invited the club to consider this situation.


What does Fernando Hierro want to implement at Chivas?

One of the Spanish priorities will be talent discovery and comprehensive training of each of these young players so that they arrive as well prepared as possible so that even the best ones in the medium-term perspective reach European football.

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