Santos Escobar, a fighter who left behind his ghosts in WWE

Santos Escobar at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif., 2022 (Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images)

Santos Escobar at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif., 2022 (Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images)

Santos Escobar returned to Arena Mexico Cityenclosure where he lost his mask four years before. He returned under another aspect: transformed again into ua mob leaderthe character with which he excelled in WWE. The public covered him like when he still wore a hat national pankration. After all, you can never hide yours family heritageIt always will be Son of a ghost.

beat the american Dolph Ziggler. Some things just never change. Just like August 25, 2018, in which he bet his unknown, entered masked and finished with exposed faces. He surrendered at both times grimace who looked The ghost: his father, star gladiator of the eighties and now commissioner from Professional wrestling from Mexico City.

In the night of fall, he faced Psycho clown, Pentagon Jr. Mr LA Park in a steel cage. The battle was named Poker acessince he gathered the four emblems of the moment Triple A. Two of them had to run to save themselves. Immediately the metal structure would rise, and the remaining elements would play their part masks. Ring Psycho Mr Zero fear they escaped in time for the final duel.

Without it hair in the hand, but through the spear, Boney stood as his greenery. he grabbed it mask with which he won the hair of Texan Jr. and more than seven championships singles, pairs and thirds in between World Wrestling Council Mr Star caravan. Also, one that allowed him to shine abroad from within IMPACT Wrestling Mr Lucha Underground.

In discipline, there are times when in defeat you win even more. After the separation from Triple Ait did not go unnoticed on the radar WWE. Company of sports entertainment decided to include him in their ranks. represented a cold Hispanic facemore than 18 years of experience on canvas and he spoke English fluently.

Not all athletes were born in Mexico who made the jump to the emporium can boast to roof the stands in a language that is not spanish. There was an exception Alberto del Ríothe millionaire villain 2010s: his fluidity Mr English management it made it easier for you performance caused rejection in the audience. Son of a ghost answer to him profile what they were looking for.

The next challenge was to get him away from the aura of a fighter and turn it into Super star. At first he took over hood from which it was removed. In 2020, he appeared on NXTtalent development program WWE. he won Cruise Championship at the tournament; kept oro on the waist for more than 310 days nonstop.

He soon distinguished himself as love. He revealed that he was behind a string of ‘kidnappings’ other fighters, who later joined him: his countryman Bull cross Mr Joaquin Wilde. In addition, he announced that he will change his name to Santos Escobar. In his quest to produce a recognizable aliases at the international level, WWE arose stereotype from Latin as mafia.

Because if Mexico lacked anything, it was a violent representative. Criticism was immediate, even comparing the similarity with the new one mote with from Colombian drug trafficker. Escobar I was not unfamiliar with the role, because in Triple A was part of the group Mercenaries. That’s the difference they were not ‘kidnapped’ rivals or colleagues.

They soon changed course to a antagonistic factionnickname Spirit heritage.

Tend to a la polemicsadmitted ESPN that his interpretation was a success in NOW. In an interview with Recordattributed the idea Triple hcurrent creative director of The WWE who helped him build his own character in NXT. Escobar arranged his own quality in the ring with his interaction capacity has become an attraction for viewers brand.

The managers told him this in October I was ready to debut with his “family“in SmackDown, the second most important weekly show of the consortium. WITH 38 yearshe was no longer a promise polish, adapted standards that they demanded. risked, but reconstruction Your image has succeeded. He left behind his ghosts of the past to succeed in WWE.


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