Santi Giménez will not go to Qatar 2022? What he said about the possible absence

For several weeks now, Santiago Giménez has been aware of the situation in which he finds himself Mexico national teamknows that his constancy in final list for Qatar 2022 it depends entirely on recovery Raul Jimenezwho suffers from groin pain since August, but has shown great progress in recent days.

Gerardo Martino the way is clear: if Raúl Jiménez is here to play the World CupSantiago will stay out from the list of 26 finalists, but if Jiménez shows that due to injury he is not even at 80 percent of his football abilities, then the panorama completely changes and Baby Gimenez will be registered for world cup with Mexico.

“Nothing happens, if I have to be there, it’s for a purpose, and if I don’t make it, I know it will be later. I’m not going to cut my wrists because I wasn’t therebut I will fight, because It’s a dream I’ve had since I was a childbut not being there won’t make me sad,” the striker shared.

Giménez is not surprised that one center forward is among the four on the 31-man list he is considering today Nanny Martino, be sacrificed; Even the youngest element is him and he has every chance to be omitted from the list on November 14.

“I knew it from the beginning it was a bit illogical to take four, when the coach plays with only one striker; So, that’s why I imagined it I wasn’t surprised so much, because I knew it was an idea.”

Yes good Raul Jimenez he is not yet 100 percent recovered from pubalgia, it is true that he has improved; however, apart from that, Baby Gimenez he thinks on a personal level and puts aside the fact that the Wolves gunner is his ‘rival’ for the place in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

it’s kind of sad for me, because we want to have everyone in the best way, how much they contribute, and if they are at 100 percent, also the group. I support them in the best way, because we are a family and internal competition is good for us,” he said. baby.

Gimenez he started the semester before the World Cup well, first with goals Blue cross and then with Feyenoord from the Netherlandsalthough in recent games his team has shown a certain dryness.

Hope now ahead of Feyenoord it will be live until 24 hours before Mexico begins its participation in the World Cup in football November 22 against Poland, since until that date, Nanny Martino can still make changes to the final roster for any injury that occurs.

Life gave him a second chance

Race from Santiago Gimenez In the last two years, he was on the rise, but the striker remembered everything he went through to get to where he is now; indeed, for a while was torn between life and death due to thrombosis in the right arm.

“At the age of 18, I was in operating theater for thrombosis and now life has given me an impressive turn; everything came very quickly and I always try to connect with feet on the ground“, he recalled Santi Gimenez.

“These are difficult times, which each of us has gone through, and I see everything as positive, because from then on everything came to me very quickly“.

After that episode of his life in 2018 Baby Gimenez debuted in First divisionhe was champion with Blue crosscame Mexico national team and then emigrated to Europe with Feyenoord from Netherlands.

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