Sagittarius November 2022 Horoscope: Your Predictions for the Month

Starting November 16th, the universe has a busy schedule for you as the planets begin to arrive in your sign, prompting you to start a new personal revolutionone that even you, the visionary of the zodiac, don’t see yet.

The beginning of your new return to the Sun is the one that calls you to itEnovar the beauty with which you vibrate towards the worldNovember is the month for makeovers, to connect with your feminine energy, to continue to strengthen your love for yourself and to embrace your individuality in complete harmony with yourself.

Schedule November 17 because on that day Mercury arrives in Sagittarius, bringing news, information and messages concerning your plans, your image, your staff. It’s time to express yourself and put the cards on the tablethe world is listening to you.

On November 22, we begin celebrating your birthday season. This new return to the Sun will bring you a very different year than the one you are finishing, more stable and without as many challenges, one that you can use to achieve balance and equilibrium in all areas of your life. So use the last days of the month to strongly connect with that energy of beginnings, fire and leadership that governs and characterizes you.

On November 23, and to celebrate your birthday, we have a New Moon in Sagittarius, giving you fifteen days to completely change the energydare to open a new chapter, renew your image, your personal plans and the vision you have of yourself.

Use it, because you experience this lunar energy only once a year, and the most positive thing is to start from the beginning, take risks, receive new stories. Pay attention to what happens on these dates, because things happen around you in a predetermined way that become an important part of this new year of life.

On the same day, Jupiter awakens directly and gives you eleven weeks that you should use to start discovering the opportunities, changes and plans that are coming to help you expand what you consider home. Plans for the growth of your family or your ‘nest’ begin to gain importance. Although major changes are planned for 2023, you can pay attention now.

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