Rumors | Federico Viñas close to defining his departure from Club América

Monday, October 31, 2022

After eliminating Club América in this one Opening in 2022 in semi-final from Liga MX ante Toluca FC, projection for Closing in 2023 it will be great for them to win the championship, so cream blue directive preparing changes (low and high) in the template, so far they are processed between three and four, where the name Federico Vinas.

Will Federico Viñas leave Club América?

During the last semester of 2022. Federico Vinasin the regular part of the season he played 15 games in which he scored two goals and registered an assist, while in the Liguilla phase he appeared in four duels scoring one goal, in addition to participating in friendly matches of the League Cup, however, Ferdinand Ortiz he didn’t think about it for his favorite starting eleven.

In this regard, some media pointed out that the Uruguayan forward could serve as a “exchange” in order to american club contract the services of a midfielder Region of Lagunera, Fernando Gorriarán. However, a new rumor emerged today that Federico Vinas it was designed as a one-year loan with the possibility of redemption Atlas red and black.

It should be emphasized that according to several press reports, the attitude of Fr Federico Vinas it would still be to stay in american club in order to fulfill the contract until the summer of 2025, or else he would leave the Nest if he receives an offer from the Old Continent.

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