Rocío Sánchez gives style classes in a skin-tight blue dress

Rocio Sanchez Azuara She won the hearts of the public as a presenter and host of various talk shows. Thanks to her talent, passion and charisma in front of the cameras, the native of San Luis Potosi won over thousands of viewers. He does not hesitate in his television programs show off your beauty with copy-worthy clothes, like the latest with an elegant blue dress with a deep neckline, which she also joined the most current trends.

The presenter found her passion in talk shows almost 20 years ago, succeeding in conquering the Mexican public with her smile and beauty. “Count on me”, was the show that made Sánchez Azuara very popular and it was immediately put among the audience’s favorites, but a short time later the name was changed to “From the other side of the mirror” and the presenter started again.

The driver constantly shares her best looks. Photo: @rocio_sazuara

In 2004, she got a job opportunity in the United States of America and then she started a program that bore her name, similar to what has already been seen about her, but it did not last long due to lack of audience. Once in Mexico, he fought for a new project and that’s when “Things of Life” was born again.

Finally, “Approach Rocío” is her latest television project and his followers do not stop emphasizing the experience that is reflected both in his performance in front of the cameras and in elegance that is wasted with every outfitbecause her style follows an elegant line when she shows off her statuesque figure and adds a touch of beauty to them.

Rocío Sánchez shines in a blue dress

On this occasion, the beautiful driver shared a new look on her social networks, with which she caught everyone’s attention. The word is oa blue dress that perfectly outlines your figure thanks to its fitted design in the waist In addition, the accentuated neckline that she wears highlights the driver’s toned body.

Rocío looks elegant in all her photos. Photo: @rocio_sazuara

“A few days ago I found this #throwback of a year and a few months ago How quickly time passes! How’s your weekend going?” the presenter wrote under the photo, making it clear that the video was recorded a year ago.

“Bella, you look divine”, “the most beautiful and precious on television”, “I like your look”, “I like the dress” and “you are very beautiful Rocío”, are some of the comments that the publication received on social networks.


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