Ricardo Peláez’s unexpected confession about Amaury Vergara, after his departure from Chivas

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The leader left his position a few days ago and now Krdo confirms the new sports organization.

Ricardo Peláez's confession about Amaury Vergara
© Imago7Ricardo Peláez’s confession about Amaury Vergara

in Club Guadalajara has no time to look at the past, but to continue shaping the new project under the leadership of Fernando Hierro, however they came to light Statements by Ricardo Peláez about Amaury Vergara who admitted that he fired him because he himself suggested that another course should be established.

A new strategist in the form of Veljko was presented in the Holy Flock this Tuesday Paunović with a view to the Final Tournament in 2023. starting with a new project recommended by Peláez Linares himself before leaving after three years where they could only qualify for Liguilla twice.

So he discovered it when he met with Amaury explained to him for the last time why he had to leave his place at Chivas: “I feel good, but you know why I feel good, because it was indeed a dismissal, yes, I spoke to Amaury before (Vergara) to tell him that it might be the most suitable change and he did not accept me (resignation)”.

“I think it was a necessary change at the time, we talked about it in the morning of the press conference, we were gathered three hours on the board (Club Guadalajara) and I think it was the right decision, I personally shared it, I told him ‘you need someone who comes in different,'” The director gave an interview to ESPN.

Peláez admits that what was done under his administration loses value because they were not champions

As part of his analysis, Peláez Linares stated that there were several aspects in which the work was much better than it appears, but he also accepted that it fell by the wayside because they didn’t achieve any championship: “Very good things were done, but in a big team, if you are not a champion, it is not worth it these mentions are not worth it because they will sound like excuses”.

Poll How do you rate the management of Ricardo Peláez at Chivas?

How do you rate the management of Ricardo Peláez at Chivas?

normal, as always

Fair enough, it wasn’t all bad


“The best decision I could have made Amaury and the advice was as follows, removing the coach at that time or three or four players was not enough, it’s reality, so we share it, We hugged each other, I want you to know that there were tears at that meeting.” added the former Mexican striker.

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