Ricardo Casares sends a controversial message and they think it’s for William Valdés

  • Ricardo Casares has been on TV Azteca’s morning show for 6 years after being part of ‘Ventaneando’.
  • The last days were difficult for the presenters of ‘Venga la Alegría’ because William Valdés was the first to leave, after the departure of Sandro Smester.
  • After a sudden shift, William was in charge of talking about the channel and the program with Adel Micha in ‘La Saga’.

These days were not easy for drivers ‘Come Joy‘ then after the departure of Sandra Smester from the position of content director of TV Aztecathe first to leave ‘VLA’ this morning William Valdes.

Although internal dismissals have been seen, on this occasion it was William’s sudden departure from the program, a decision Sergio Sepúlveda would have made, according to what a production person told TV Notes.

After his departure, William Valdés was a guest on Adele Micha’s program, ‘La Saga’ and there He spoke for himself about the program and the television station“I’ve always said that, I’ve never been contacted, the new talent manager contacted my manager and said ‘tomorrow is your last show and say goodbye’… my colleague said, ‘I wouldn’t come’ and I told him : ‘I must adhere to it until the last day'”.

This is how William spoke about TV Azteca and VLA:

Joking with Adela, the driver was honest and mentioned that she never saw the morning, so William replied: “You’ve never seen Venga la Alegría? Neither did I, until I got in there” and added, “it’s just another morning show”.

William also spoke about Sandra Smester, whom he called his “television mom” and referred to her appearance on television, “I think with Azteca, Uno did the magic because it was a channel that was there, but it wasn’t (working).”.

Ricardo Casares starts Indirect for William Valdés after leaving VLA

Now a few hours ago, the driver ‘VLA’, Ricardo Casares posted a tweet that got his followers thinking, who thought it could be a advice for a Cuban driver.

“To have a long tongue, you must have a short tail! Don’t forget, little friendswrote Richard.

Internet users immediately started leaving messages like: “Are you saying that because of what William Valdés said?” “completely right”, “stone for Vili”, “Now that Willy is about to give birth, there’s no more hypocrisy, is there? that’s the attitude, we can all get on with our lives,” “haha you will say William Valdés”“and ex-Ventaneando says so,” “Where was the big family that is ‘Venga la Alegría’? funny, according to you, they love each other like little brothers”.

Ricardo Casares starts Indirect for William Valdés after leaving VLA

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