Report aseptic meningitis infections in private hospitals in Durango, woman died

The aseptic meningitisa mysterious disease, took the life of a woman and keeps six patients in the hospital, three of them seriously.

This happened in private hospitals in Durango, health authorities and COPRISED have already started an investigation.


Minister of Health in the State of Durango, Irasema condo Padilla reported that seven patients with aseptic meningitis were admitted in the last few hours, the same ones who were admitted in serious condition to the General Hospital and the Hospital for Mothers and Children.

These are women who were being treated in private hospitals in the city of Durango.

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All of them underwent gynecological procedures Unfortunately, they arrived at various hospitals with advanced health complications, one has lost her life, three are listed as serious, and three more are in a delicate but stable condition.

Given this unusual circumstance, Secretary of Health held an urgent meeting with the directors of the Mother and Children’s Hospital, General Hospital 450, as well as Commissioner for Sanitary Risks (COPRISED) immediately launch an investigation and check the conditions in which private hospitals work.

For now, the health authorities have ordered the suspension of surgical procedures that involve the use of anesthesia.


Kondo stated that cases do not have infectious-contagious properties, that is, it is not transmitted from person to personhowever, a commission of experts was established to investigate the origin of these cases in order to prevent their recurrence in other patients.

The fatal victim is a woman from the municipality of Tepehuanes, who gave birth by caesarean section and also left four children without parents.

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Candida auris, a deadly fungus

The fungus has sparked global alarm because of its rapid spread in health centers and is the cause of serious bloodstream infections, which can lead to the death of the patient: it is White ears.

In February 2021, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) issued an epidemiological alert motivated by an increase in disease outbreaks White ears related to healthcare in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Doctor Patricia Escandoncoordinator of the microbiology group of the Public Health Research Administration and the representative of the mycology laboratory of the National Institute of Health (INS) of Colombia, explained that this fungus “causing serious bloodstream infections, which can lead to the death of patients, especially those who are critically endangered, to the extent that one in three patients with invasive C. auris infection may die”.

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