Renewal with Chivas motivates a strong message from Chapo Sánchez

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The rojiblanco captain could not hide his emotions knowing that he will continue with the team of his loves.

An emotional message from Chapo Sánchez
© Imago7An emotional message from Chapo Sánchez

For Chivas de Guadalajara, it is clear that Jesús Sánchez is not a player they can do without just for a sports decision, what he has contributed during his nearly 13 years at the institution supports his career where he never committed indiscipline, nor did he take negative positions, even though he was more of a substitute in recent years.

If the Holy Flock can be sure of one thing, it is its captains, the elements with the red and white shirt tattooed who have shown complete professionalism over the years, despite the fact that at times they are not the best on the field or selected to be part of the first 11, as happened with Chapo Sánchez on some occasions.

However, his contribution on and off the field is one of the solid foundations think that his place is well earned within a team that has seen a parade of great players but very few references such as Jesús Sánchez, who ends his contract with Chivas this year and will soon be renewed according to information from Azteca Deportes.

El Chapo Sánchez, a 33-year-old right back, came from the Guadalajar Basic Forcesand he wore the red and white jersey throughout his career. Since his debut in August 2010, he has reached 323 games and He is within reach of entering the top 10 players with the most appearances in the entire history of the club from Guadalajara. In the last Apertura 2022, he played only nine times, alternating starts and substitutes with Alan Moz.

Poll What do you think about Chivas renewing Chapa?

What do you think about Chivas renewing Chapa?

Very good, I like your professionalism


Chapo’s emotional message for his renewal with Chivas

It was on his Instagram account where He posted a picture with a few words clearly dedicated to his process at Chivas which could officially be extended in the next few hours or maybe when I get back from vacation on November 14th: “Adversity is not meant to defeat us. Instead, it exists to reveal to us strengths you had no idea we possessed. Day by day…”.


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