Regina Tiscareño, a beautiful Mexican dancer who shared the stage with Juan Gabriel

Regina Printed he always wanted to learn ballet. Although his family could not pay for the tuition, he had the opportunity to enroll in Televisa’s HUP, which he was able to attend dance lessons from 5 years. At that moment, he knew that this was what he loved most in the world.

But the 19-year-old didn’t stop there because she too actress, model and singer. He has written novels, television series, musicals and classical theater, in addition to being a part The Voice Kids 2017from the group of dancers Mr John Gabriel on one of his tours and even had his own radio show.

Tiscareño has decided that one of his future goals is to appear on the big screen (Photo: Instagram/ @reginatiscareno)

“The last thing I did was dubbing, and I love it too much, since I was able to combine things I’m passionate about, like acting and singing at the same time, besides making my voice immortal with the characters I’m dubbing,” he added.

Speaking about what inspires her, she commented that the world Disney was his guide to enter the the world of entertainment. “Since I was little, I was very clear that I wanted to become a part of something this big, the magic of its series, movies, songs, etc. was always my favorite thing,” she noted.

He stated that at this moment he enjoys the most in his career that he can reach so many people, that they write to him from so many places and meet people along the way. “I enjoy being able to make a living from what I love to do”, he showed.

As for her short-term and long-term projects, the influencer also said she would love to play music again. “I left it for a while because of the pandemic, but I really miss concerts and singing in front of an audience,” he added. He also indicated that it would be a dream to step into the National Hall again, but now that it would be a solo performance.

In return, Tiscareño determined that he was among his future targets appear on the big screen. “I would like to act in a TV series. Netflix or Disney, to do many concerts and for many people to know me for my art”, he pointed out.

What he enjoys most about his career is that he can reach so many people (Photo: Instagram/ @reginatiscareno)

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