Recommended shoulder press for people over 40 years old

    Good technique is the most important thing for any weightlifter, but especially for men over 40 who want to be able to maintain their physique goals without ending up injured. Especially when we train the shoulders, where the risk increases many times over, because it is neither easy nor comfortable to lift the weight above the head.

    The overhead press is always a risk. Joints can be sensitive, and accumulated wear and tear over the years can increase these risks. The widely used barbell military press is considered by many to be the ultimate shoulder exercise. And it’s a phenomenal lift, if done right. But overhead deadlifts put a strain on the shoulder joints that many men over 40 simply don’t need. Instead of pumping out strict reps for the press with poor technique, the most important thing is for men over 40 to train smart. (How to do a good shoulder press).

    One particular variation is the kettlebell shoulder press, a great way to increase the weight. The kettlebell shoulder press can help build your shoulders for bouldering, which makes your shoulders functionally strong and protects your shoulder joints from radical lifting angles.

    Do this kettlebell shoulder press several times a week, 3 sets of 10 reps per set, to prepare your shoulders for healthy use for years to come.

    How to do a dumbbell shoulder press

    – While standing, hold a kettlebell in your right hand in the starting position: right lat tight, elbow towards the chest, forearm almost perpendicular to the ground. Keep tension on the wrist.

    – Tighten your abdominal muscles and glutes and press the weight directly above your head. Return to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions. Repeat on the left side.

    – Pull the kettlebell out of the stand and press vertically.

    – Keep your core and glutes active and tight throughout the lift.

    -Keep your back straight and your torso in a neutral position throughout the movement. No back bending.

    Kettlebell press tip

    Make sure you have adequate mobility in your shoulders and thoracic spine to perform this exercise properly. You don’t want to injure your shoulders or worse your spine from improper technique. (10 best exercises for your shoulder training).

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