Recently operated OnlyFans model has a shocking accident on a flight after surgery

La modelo de OnlyFans Veronica he trended on social media after saying this his head “exploded” while I was boarding a flight This allegedly happened after underwent cosmetic surgery. He said on TikTok that he felt pain around the stitches and heard an “audible pop” while in the bathroom.

This was done before boarding neck lifting and “cat eye” aesthetic surgery. and his route was from Turkey to the United Kingdom. He explained that he woke up with severe pain in his ear and the back of his head, where he had stitches from the top of his ear to the middle of the back of his head.

It quickly went viral. Photo: Special.

“I got up, went to the bathroom and heard a click,” said Weronika, imitating the sound that was made. He specified that liquid started to come out, which he had to absorb with paper during the rest of the flight. “It was obviously blood. but, I don’t know if anyone’s had liposuction, but it gets kind of yellowish with blood and kind of chunky,” he continued, adding, “It really stinks.”

It was because of the pressure

“When I got on the plane, it swelled to the point where the skin came off and the nylon sutures couldn’t hold it anymore,” he said, assuming the pressure and swelling in the cabin were to blame for what happened. also had to use pressure bandage to reduce bleeding.

He passed the operating room several times. Photo: Special.

“I was in a lot of pain the rest of the flight, I was really hot. All that fluid was disappearing. It was honestly disgusting,” he said. He said that when he got home he took a shower and sent pictures of the hole in his head to his surgeon. After that he had to take antibiotics, because his wound got infected and he is just finishing his recovery.

Weronika, who also runs an aftercare and surgery prep company called “Sculpted by Weronika,” explained to viewers that she created the original TikTok to “notify people of unforeseeable complications after the operation, which was documented by the Insider media.


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