Rebecca Jones was rushed to the hospital; to look for blood donors

asks the relative blood donation for Rebecca Jonesas the actress is said to be facing a serious health problems.

On the show Sale el Sol, Joanna Vega-Biestro reported that they received a statement saying that Rebecca Jones was urgently hospitalized and that relatives are looking for blood donors.

“No notification has been given in his official accounts. However, we know that his office is very sensitive. We will inform in the networks of Sale el Sol where people can turn for help, because we know that the state of health of Rebecca Jones is delicate,” he announced.

Controversy with Alejandro Camacho for the health of Rebecca Jones

Actress Rebecca Jones is known for her talent of playing roles in cult telenovelas such as ‘Cuna de lobos’, ‘El Ángel Fallada’, ‘Life in the Mirror’ and many others. She even returned to acting to take part in television and streaming series, after suffering from ovarian cancer in 2017.

But a few months ago, the actress got angry with her colleague and former partner Alejandro Camacho for statements about her health, as he revealed that she is still fighting cancer.

With that said, Rebecca Jones denied that the cancer had returned and asked Alejandro Camacho to refrain from discussing his health. Currently, the celebrity’s family is asking for blood donors, but they have not specified the cause of hospitalization.


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