Rebecca Jones is in the hospital with lung failure

Actress Rebecca Jones is in the hospital for lack of lungs and pneumonia caused by the infection, his reported PR, Danna Vazquezwho explained that the state Health from known with catalog as stable.

“This morning we received word from the doctor that Rebecca’s health condition is stable. What they are reporting is that it was pulmonary deficiency and a lung infection that came from an infection he had before the respiratory infection. The health condition is a bit delicate, but it is reported to be stable”,

Danna Vazquez, Rebecca Jones Publisher

In addition, he shared a statement clarifying

In an interview for the show window installationVázquez emphasized that the famous actress, who a few months ago was said to be fighting cancer again, was admitted because own will al hospital,where remains in the hospital.

“She reached the hospital alone. She went to the doctor, they examined her and it was decided that she should stay.

Danna Vazquez

“The situation is like that. when someone is in therapy, the hospital asks. as a form of exchange, which in this case would be blood donors because they were always looking for them… even though they don’t need them, the hospital is looking for them because they are there”.

Danna Vazquez, Rebecca Jones Publisher

What will happen to the new Rebecca Jones novel?

In accordance with Dana Vazquez, The health situation currently facing Rebecca Jones, who responded after it was announced that she had cancer again, is not he interfered with his the radio on new soap opera in which he participates.

“Rebecca worked and fulfilled all her obligations as part of the soap opera “Güero” Castro, to which we are very grateful for the support. They were on the lookout for and respected Rebecca’s place on the soap, so she’s coming back with all her enthusiasm now that she’s in better health.”

Danna Vazquez, Rebecca Jones Publisher

The PR from Rebecca Jones also requested avoidance rumours about the condition health of the actress

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