Raúl Jiménez’s hopes of going to the World Cup are growing with his progress

Two weeks he was Raul Jimenez with Mexico national team in High Performance Center in Mexico Cityhas helped him see a clear improvement in the pubic injury he’s suffered since August, to the point that the news is more than encouraging within Tricolor, Coping with World Cup in Qatar 2022.

This improvement in his health has a place Raul Jimenez with a strong possibility of appearing in the final list of 26 players to be announced by the selectors Gerardo Martino on Monday, November 14.

IN medieval We have data that indicate that in Mexico national team believes that Raul Jimenez Since his injury, he has “progressed quite a bit”, so his chances of being present at the World Cup have increased many times over.

Another proof of his progress came this Tuesday, November 1, when the Tepeji del Río native joined Wolverhampton undergo an evaluation by his club’s medical body and continue with rigorous rehabilitation; The striker’s progress satisfied the Englishmen, who boasted in a post on their social networks that Jiménez is getting better every day.

On social networks Wolves The return of his shooter was emphasized, who can be seen playing with the ball and with a happy expression on his face, contrary to what he experienced a few months ago with National selectionmoment of frustration for the striker in the tour she had Three for the United States on the last FIFA date.

It will be in the next few days when Jiménez returns to the concentration of the national team in Girona, Spain; It will be there, in front of the whole campus, where you can show all the progress you have made and it will be determined if you are ready to take the ticket for World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Wolves reinforce Raúl Jiménez

The English club provided all the conditions for Jiménez to recover and go to the World Cup, which is why they allowed him to travel to Mexico and do part of his recovery under the eyes Tricolor, besides being close to the family; Well, they believed that all this would help them overcome the injury, because the Wolves also have a great interest in the Mexican recovering his best version.

“It will be good to have him back, but there is no date (for him to play); it will be the same in Mexico, they will want him ready and available for the World Cup. If he is fit and plays (the World Cup), it is almost like a pre-season for him, he will return to the level and quality he should be at. I hope he will do well if he succeeds, that he will score goals and come back with confidence,” he said a few days ago Steve Davis, interim manager of Wolverhampton.

Santi Giménez would be sacrificed

In the mind of Nanny Martino there is an idea that if Raul Jimenez overcomes pubalgia, the victim will be on the final list Santiago Gimenezfrom Feyenoord from the Netherlands.

This decision will be made in the coming days, since Raúl, despite his improvement, will have to show that he can play in a friendly match against Sweden on Wednesday, November 16 at Girona.

Although there is an ultimatum for the youth drive Americathe Nanny Martino you can change the final list up to 24 hours before the first game of the league world cup, which will be against Poland November 22.

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