Rafael Puente Jr. will be presented with the Pumas tomorrow; your signature, protocol only

The UNAM Board of Directors wants to have its coach in place before the preseason begins on Nov. 3, and everything is on track for Puente Jr.

Bridge on the Rafael River wants to be Pumas ticket to take over the technical direction. Puente Jr. has already started talks with the cat board and only his signature, the protocol, is missing to make it official that he is taking over the place left by Andrés Lillini.

Puente del Río presented his project to the UNAM board, something other coaches had not done, and the high command liked it. Although he still does not have a contract with Pumas, everything is aimed at achieving this in the best possible way, since the economic problem does not represent a hindrance to him, so he will be presented this Friday, the University Club reported, since the Management will Urgently before the preseason begins on Nov. 3.

Pumas initially had the duo of Ricardo Ferretti-Guillermo Vázquez, but economic problems prevented both of them from reaching the bench.

Later, Jaime Lozano was also an option, but some disagreements with the coaching staff of ‘Jimmy’ stopped the return of ‘Made in CU’. The point was the physical trainer, because in the club Ariel González deals with methodology in that area, and Jaime Lozano has a specialist who follows him in his team.

Jaime Lozano He left despite the fact that he was about to terminate his contract as Auriazul, because they did not reach an agreement on the composition of the professional staff.

The point on which they did not agree is the physical trainer, because in the club the methodology in this area is led by Ariel González, and Jaime Lozano has an expert accompanying him in the team.

Jaime Lozano looked like the strongest card to take command Cougarsbecause of his identification with the institution and his commitment to providing opportunities to the youth of the quarry.

Cougarsfor his part, he recognized that he had to urgently choose a coach to take the place of Andrés Lillini, as they had looked at several options and they did not match the requirements Cougars.

At first, Ricardo Tuca Ferreti was close to becoming Pumas coach, although an economic deal could not be reached with the former Tigres and Bravos de Juárez coach.

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