Rafa Puente was introduced as the new university coach

It’s official, Bridge on the Rafael River there will be a new coach Cougars for him Closing in 2023 and this Thursday in Cantera he already presented it Miguel Mejia Baron and Leopoldo Silvawhere he gave his first words as an Auriazul strategist.

A young Mexican strategist arrives at CU in his stead Andres Lilliniwho, despite the fact that he returned to the team at the Liga MX Finals and Concachampions, had his worst tournament in the 2022 Apertura, where he was second to last in the overall standings.

Rafa Puente won the race for the new coach over other more experienced strategists such as Ricardo Ferretti or Ariel Holan and he beat someone from the home as well Jaime Lozano.

In his first words as Auriazul’s strategist, he promised to make Pumas a competitive team that would both satisfy and make their fans proud.

“We intend to build a competitive and leading team. Regarding the question of reinforcements, it is reckless because it would interfere with the situations that arise and Dr. Miguel Mejía Barón should be asked.

“Pumas, because its history requires it, must be the protagonist, and it is up to us to provide players for those goals. I have control over the league and together with the youth academy, which will be the foundation pillar, there is the raw material for forming a competitive team, to be a team who never gives up, who gives of herself, who represents UNAM and makes the fans feel proud,” he said.

When asked how his numbers as a coach were not the best, however, he promised to push the first team forward.

“Clouding is not allowed here and these are the features accompanied by the intensity of the game that allows Pumas to be the protagonist.

Rafa Puente at the time he was coach of Atlas

“As the head of the first team, I have to do that. Experience is gained by learning, many call it failure, that word does not scare me,” he said.

In the backroom, it was announced that the professional staff that will follow Rafael Puente is being analyzed.

Rafa Puente returns to the benches of Liga MX


Rafa Puente faces the most important challenge of his career with Pumas

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