Qatar 2022: The Spanish fan who walked to the World Cup is in an Iranian prison | Video

Santiago Sancheza fan of the Spanish national team, who proposed walk to Qatarr to attend the World Cup, disappeared in Iran, a country where there have been strong protests in recent weeks, and this Wednesday the channel Iran International confirmed that ua Iranian prison.

Sánchez he was arrested in Saqezthe border town of Iranian Kurdistan, together with the translator, when they visited the grave of Mr Masha, believeA 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish woman, who was detained by the morality police in Tehran for ‘improper clothing’ and died in custody.

Later they were both taken to Tehran prisonthe capital of the Islamic Republic.

Channel Iran International commented.

According to reports received by Iran International, Santiago Sanchezfrom Spain, has been missing for three weeks, and after entering Iran, he was imprisoned in the city of Saqez together with his translator, and then transferred to Tehran.

Iran is in the midst of the largest protests in the history of its clerical leadership following the death on September 16, Mahsa Amin.

(With data from Telecinco)

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