Protests in France ended with almost 100 injured

Water protest in France. Photo: AFP.

AND demonstration in France against the irrigation water reserve ended tragically, after disputes arose violent conflicts which left the least 90 people were injuredsome serious ones.

This was reported by the authorities of that country 61 gendarmes were wounded22 difficult, doc 30 protesters They also suffered various injuries.

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These were the violent clashes in France during the demonstrations

concentration, which was forbiddenit happened in the city of Sainte-Oline, in the Poitou-Charentes region, about 400 km southwest of Parisand it had 4,000 participants, according to the authorities, or 7,000, according to the organizers.

“61 gendarmes were injured, 22 seriously,” Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin reported in a tweet. This figure “shows that it was not a peaceful protest, but a very violent concentration,” he added.

Among the injured protesters, ten of them received help firefighter and there were three hospitalizedaccording to the group “Balsas No Gracias”, which rejects the “accumulation of water” in “irrigation rafts” in the service of “agribusiness”.

The collective gathers environmental associationstrade union organizations and anti-capitalist groups.

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Among the participants were families and many pensioners, as well as several hundred people with their faces covered.

After dispersion six people were arrestedthey informed the authorities.

The clashes lasted an hour; the protesters retreated to the fields

About 1,500 gendarmes were deployed, but they had difficulty controlling the crowd in an area of ​​several hectares between wheat fields.

After a conflict of about an hourthe protesters returned to the the field borrowed by the farmer near the works, an irrigation basin that will be able to store up to 650 thousand m3 of water (equivalent to 260 Olympic swimming pools).

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Water shortage, a latent problem in France

The place has become the new epicenter of the conflict over the use of water, which is decreasing due to global warming.

Sainte-Soline is the second reserve of a project of 16 irrigation basins developed by a group of 400 farmers to “reduce water withdrawal by 70% in summer”.

In this French region, there are still irrigation restrictions that were introduced after the strong summer drought.

These reserves are craters in the open air and are covered with plastic sheeting. In winter, they are refilled by pumping water from surface groundwater.

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