Prayer for protection, health and well-being

The month of November has arrived, and we are only a few months away from the end of the year. This is why some people are already preparing for the arrival of the next one and preparing their prayers for prosperity, health, well-being and protection.

For many, angels/archangels are those trustworthy persons, messengers and bearers of good news, to whom one can turn in times of anxiety and despair. These are the figures who, according to Catholic tradition, are said to convey everything to God or also to the Virgin Mary.

In fact, they are also considered miraculous for certain issues. He is one of those protection from bad omens, bad energies, bad intentions of certain people or simply to protect yourself from enemies. Because it is the archangel Saint Michael, according to Catholic belief.

This saint is known for having banished Lucifer from heaven when he was revealed, which is why he has a privileged place in the Kingdom of God. For this reason, it is indicated to protect against all the evils that await life, according to Vatican news.

Alias ​​​​​​Matamba, he was a devotee of Saint Michael the Archangel
Archangel Michael is the one who protects himself from all the evils that lurk in life, – Photography: Delivered in a WEEK

General prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

Here is an effective prayer shared by the Catholic community EWTN Spanish, for protection from evil.

San Miguel Arcangel,

defend us in the fight.

be our refuge

against the depravity and snares of the devil.

Impress him God, we beseech the supplicants,

and your prince of the heavenly host

cast into hell by divine power

Satan and other evil spirits

which are scattered around the world

for the destruction of souls.


Another prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

Ask for Heaven’s protection:

O most glorious Saint Michael the Archangel, prince and leader of the heavenly armies, guardian and defender of souls, guardian of the Church, conqueror, the terrors and terrors of rebellious infernal spirits.

We humbly beseech you, be worthy to deliver from all evil those who turn to you with confidence; May your grace protect us, may your strength defend us, and with your incomparable protection may we progress more and more in the service of the Lord.

May your virtue accompany us every day of our lives, especially in the agonies of death, so that, defended by your power from the infernal dragon and all his snares, when we leave this world, we may be presented by you, free from all guilt. before the Divine Majesty.


Vatican prayer

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

Be our protection from depravity and traps of the devil.

May God manifest His power over him, is our humble request.

And you, O prince of the heavenly militia, with the power granted to you by God, cast Satan into hell and the other evil spirits who roam the world for the destruction of souls.


Prayer to Saint Michael to ask for protection

Saint Michael, among the princes of heaven you are one of the most powerful, and that is the main reason why I come to you today to intercede for me before the almighty God; For this, I offer you this and every day my greatest devotion and my soul so that you can cover it with your blue flame.

Dear Archangel Saint Michael, you who have the strength and will to help people who need you and to listen to the problems that are related to love, I ask you to hear my prayer on this occasion, help me to heal all the problems of my heart and give me your support to invoke protection .

Dearest saint, you who always fought for God. I sincerely ask you to defend me from this evil that presents itself to me daily, I ask you to never allow them to hurt me; Likewise, free me from thoughts that lead me to sin and free all people who approach me with bad intentions.

My archangel, my heavenly prince, I am asking you to give me your grace and the power you have to heal people’s hearts. I’m not asking for much, I’m just asking you to help me with this particular request that’s bothering me so much: (Request should be mentioned here).


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