Pierre Gasly’s backpack opened at the Mexican Grand Prix

Pierre Gasly revealed he was close to being robbed during the Mexico City Grand Prix when he realized his rucksack was open on his way through the paddock

MEXICO — French pilot Pierre Gasly revealed that he was close to being robbed during Mexico City Grand Prix realizing his rucksack had opened as he passed through the fence area, which was filled with dozens of VIP guests.

“I think it’s okay to let people go, but the truth is that there are guests who sometimes don’t respect the space we need,” he said first of all. gaseous.

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The AlphaTauri pilot went further and pointed out that on Friday morning, upon arriving at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, he noticed that his backpack had been opened, although no item had been stolen.

“Yesterday morning I arrived at the hospitality office with a backpack in which I had an open passport, and I didn’t even realize it,” he told ESPN UK.

“We talked about it at the drivers’ meeting. “I think it’s great that there are fans, and to see kids and people enjoying themselves, but maybe we have to find a way for them to understand where the boundaries are and when they need to give us a little more space,” he said.

gaseous He was forceful in pointing out that they feel harassed by the Mexican fans, because they do not allow them to move freely.

“We work and serve the fans when we can. But this weekend I didn’t dare leave the hospitality, because if you do, you get harassed. And sometimes there is too much fuss,” he added AlphaTauri.

ESPN Digital spoke with the organizers of the F1 experience and pointed out that almost a thousand people a day enter the tour, which lasts about 25 minutes, and to that are added the VIP guests of the teams and other domestic brands that try to give special treatment to their customers.

Pilots Sergio Perez Mr Carlos Sainz They ask the fans to respect the space of each driver and team member, as the managers were also overwhelmed by the national fans.

“It was commented on, because without a doubt there are a lot of people, more than normal, and we Mexicans like to show affection,” said Checo Pérez

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