PHOTOS: Yuliett Torres greets Halloween online as a ‘little devil’

The fitness modelYuliett Torres, who debuted this year in Only fans, impressed his more than 10 million attendants with their choice of costumes for the most anticipated and praised event of the year: Halloween and his countless parties. Through your account Instagram and accompanied by a beautiful star Maria Baltazar, both women posed in suits from “little devil” and “angel” to treat his fans to a short but highly produced a typical photo session of these dates.

Costumes that go very well with the concept Yuliette Torres, they are in color black and white, respectively. They stand out beautiful ouch from plumage and more beauties skirts apart from the vaporous fabric clearly made of tulle or white muslin, we are talking about the well-known hugs that they use regularly classical ballet dancers.

At the moment, the photos have collected almost 68 thousand likes. PHOTO: Instagram Yuliett Torres

In addition to photos showing a couple of curvy women outdoors, influential person he accompanies the pictures with an inscription that indicates the balance of good and evil in his life. He points out that they go hand in hand and opens an open question for his followers “which side are you on?” Let’s remember that Yulliet Torres use your account post fashion, travel, dance and from time to time, promote yours site with adult content The tapatia It is also present in networks on all platforms, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Telegram, TikTok and YouTube.

Just short of reaching 500 comments, the celebrity received several positive responses from her followers. PHOTO: Instagram Yuliett Torres

Yuliett Torres and Mary Baltazar They spared no expense because their costumes fit like a glove and represent all theirs the figure was achieved with a lot of exercise and a very strict diet. For him getting dressed from tapathy, A black tutu was worn which accentuated her waist and was teamed with a sheer top that went to the neck and dropped the chains to the chest. For this one look added some long leather-like boots and some amazing ones devil’s horns which remind us of the movie Angelina Jolie in Maleficent. Could it be that the model actually wanted to represent this character and not the little devil?

for makeup, Torres She opted for something understated that accentuated her full lips with a pink tone and neutral shadows that accentuated her gaze. He even added strass on the face at the height of the forehead and showed a manicure in metallic tones, more precisely blue It went perfectly with the outfit. for his part, Balthazar, wear something angelic with the same tutu base and sheer top. The beautiful model framed her costume with lace as a star and complemented it with white fishnet stockings. She also flaunts a plunging neckline and wears impressive sandal-type heels that They match her perfectly.

Both girls seem to have enjoyed the photo shoot as they even pose as the character they represent. PHOTO: Instagram Yuliett Torres

for makeup Balthazar She opted for bare lips, rosy cheeks and an angelic and clean look that framed her face along with the soft waves of her hair and the rhinestones that adorned her forehead. She also boasts a manicure in neutral tones with delicate jewelry that highlights her long and thin arms. East adjusted it could be accepted by other women who want to shine at parties Halloween and they go in pairs or together with their friends. let’s remember that these events done because it is celts they asked to escape from ghosts through masks, according to tradition.

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