PHOTOS: Shakira has become a sexy virtual animation and raised the temperature on social networks

At a time when modernity has reached and even overtaken man, many feel a strong nostalgia for all those years (eighties) in which they yearned for a futuristic scenario in which people had their lives resolved in the most basic things. However, some content creators of that time had the idea to make a few small adjustments where sensuality, the future and war had a direct relationship. It seems that Shakira She loved it because she borrowed her image to become the commander of some arid planet threatened by alien forces.

It was through the account Instagram singer who showed the result of the paintings made by the artist Bosslogic, as he calls himself on social networks. In the four photos you can see a Colombian woman with long red hair. His clothes reminded us of works like: “Flash Gordon” (1980), inspired by the comic book character of the same name, directed Microphone Hodges and that it contained music by Queen and “Dune” (1984) directed by David Lynch and based on the author’s novel of the same name Frank Herbert.

Although the announcement was made at the end of September last year, his followers fondly remember the postcards that Shakira He was kind enough to show them and what he left them completely amazed by. About a million fans liked her and dedicated a few words to her, praising her beauty and expressing all the love they feel for her and her songs. However, there were also those who did not quite agree and even mentioned that they dropped the idol.

Shakira was the sensation of the retro future (Photo: IG @BossLogic)

Shakira shared opinions for her post

The occasion for the publication of collector “cards” from Shakira it was because some NFTs, something she found amusing. It seems that in this case, their intention was to enter electronic commerce. “I had fun working on my first one NFTs with @BossLogic and trying out this new medium – and I wanted to share it with my fans too, before it drops at 3:30pm PT. I hope you enjoy!” she wrote in her post.

Shakira made her first NFTs in 2021 (Photo: IG @BossLogic)

As part of the compliments addressed to the interpreter “The Congratulations“, “Can not Remember to Forget You“y”The whipping“There were those who rejected her when they found out what it was about and even warned her that it was known to be a scam. “Delete this please”, “I’ve become an idol”, “Oh no please”, “Shakira this Is known as a scam”, “How come no one stopped it for selling NFTs, what hypocrisy” and “metaverse, crypto and nft”, were some of the reactions of users.

Shakira shared opinions with her photos (Photo: IG @BossLogic)

What is an NFT?

NFT is an acronym for “non-fungible token”, and according to the international company dedicated to computer security, Kaspersky Lab, “fungible” means replaceable. In this case, an example is bitcoins because they can be exchanged for others, and after the operation, there is still something of the same value. In the case of a An NFT is irreplaceable because it is unique and cannot be directly replaced by another NFTwhich “can be anything digital: photos, videos, audio files and more. They’ve generated a lot of excitement for their potential to use technology in the sale and collection of digital art.”

Shakira received almost a million likes for her pictures (Photo: IG @BossLogic)

Many consider it dangerous because both cryptocurrencies and NFT These are relatively unregulated spaces, which opens the possibility for cybercriminals to exploit legal loopholes and carry out fraud. In this case, it is more convenient for fans to like the pictures and share them on their social networks.


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