PHOTOS: Karely Ruiz shows off impressive skeleton body paint for Halloween

Since a few weeks, Karely Ruiz She is more than excited because she is on the threshold of her 22nd birthday, which she will celebrate in a big way this Friday, October 28. This is very well combined with parties Halloween, because so far this month has been represented by various costumes of all kinds; but this time she surprised all her followers after appearing as a whole with make-up from head to toe Catrina sexy.

The original came through her Instagram stories Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, was seen on a stage full of confetti, colorful balloons and cardboard skulls in the background. But what caught the attention was his body painting which gave the illusion of being a skeleton with pink hair and red lips. It should be noted that he wore only the lower part of his underwear.

Karely Ruiz wore an impressive pink wig (Photo: Screenshot)

So far, Karely Ruiz did not clarify whether the star performance was a television or YouTube appearance or an exclusive content session for subscribers to either of his two accounts. Just fans. Likewise, he did not stand out as an artist who worked for him, because it was spectacular and even unrecognizable. Of the three photos he showed, he left no message.

Karely Ruiz wore makeup for the first time for Halloween (Photo: Screenshot)

For now, we have to wait Karely Ruiz He has prepared for everyone this Friday that he will turn 22 years old, because he will get liposuction for his loyal followers at his trusted surgeon. She wants them to look as sculpted as she is and what better way to make such a gift, something that is frowned upon by her haters of today, who she must defend against at all times.

Karely Ruiz was a sensation for her fans (Photo: Screenshot)

Karely Ruiz threatens to live in CDMX

Three days before the name day celebration, Karely Ruiz He had to post an address in Monterrey, as well as an account number, as fans persistently asked to send him gifts and even “details” from afar. He was grateful for that with all his heart, because because of her every message was full of love for him. However, she had to defend herself from people who criticized her too much, she noted that she “doesn’t need to ask for gifts”, because she is very well in Just fans.

Apparently, part of the residence motivated her to change her address to something more central: Mexico City where she promised to live for a few months. “I will be living in CDMX for a few months,” he wrote in his stories without specifying when he would move or his preferred area. The message was recorded on a photo in which she appears in a bikini and sunglasses.

Karely Ruiz will live in CDMX (Photo: Screenshot)


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