PHOTOS: Galilea Montijo surprised with a tiny bikini from Acapulco

undoubtedly, Galileo Montijo She is one of the favorite presenters of Mexican television, and it is not for nothing that we can see her today in several successful Televisa projects, such as the Hoy program and the Sunday reality show. “Who is the mask?” in which she joined this season as a researcher alongside her Carlos Rivera, Yuri and JohnPa Zurita.

Due to the heavy workload, the driver born in Jalisco escaped to one of her favorite places: port in AcapulcoWhere is your husband from? Fernando Reynabecause of this, You can He did not miss the opportunity to pose for his followers and delight them with beautiful postcards.

Galileo of Acapulco

were different clothing combinationsHowever, with both he stole looks, hearts, likes and numerous compliments, because if he has anything You can Besides talent and charisma, he is a great style to weareven if she was on the beach, the beautiful driver never stops looking spectacular.

The first of two combinations, Gali titled them as “Costeñita”That’s because in the background of her photos you can see the sea of ​​Acapulco as she poses on top of some huge rocks with tiny white bikini with motifs in neon colors like pink, green, yellow and purple.

This outfit, You can he added his touch with Masada multicolored orders in the headwhile her wavy hair was left loose and of course they couldn’t miss dark glasses that are basic on the beach.

It is lookhe received a big round of applause from his followers who only had good comments about the beautiful drivers today’s program Among some that can be read are those of her followers from the morning broadcast who let Guadalajara know how beautiful she looks with emoticons of fire and hearts.

Other ofoutfit beachy of Galileo Montijo consisted of a strapless bikini in black and combined it with colorful beach pants, and the driver added a black hat to this look and left her long hair loose.

How much is the bikini worn by Galilea Montijo?

Many wondered where the driver got such cool and original clothes, the answer is yes You can has its own boutique called “Latingal Boutique” and you can also buy their clothes online and go to their branch located in a famous shopping center in the state of Mexico.

This is why most of the clothes are drivers program today You can find them in her boutique, and the bikini in which she posed in these photos is no exception.

So, if you want to buy this beach wear, you can take advantage of the fact that “Latingalian boutique” put all her merchandise at half price and the bikini she wears Galileo he had a cost in his photos 3 thousand 700 pesos but now you can find it million 850.


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