PHOTO | Madonna does it again and bravely defies censorship with this topless photo

The famous American singer, dancer and actress Madonna recently surprised social networks again after sharing a photo of herself in a doublet on her Instagram stories.

He made the said announcement via his official Instagram account where he has more than 18 million followers worldwide who follow his every separate story announcement.

Madonna is not topless

The celebrity is shown wearing natural make-up and wearing only a gold corset and fishnet tights, but nothing to cover her chest. In addition, the actress, along with loose hair with a small braid, decided to cover her nipples with two emojis: a palette and a bag of money.

Madonna often posts on social networks about her daily life, and also shares photos from the past, especially when her career was just starting; Now she also shares selfies and her daily photos with her thousands of fans around the world who admire the fashion designer.

The famous actress made a surprise on her Instagram profile. IG PHOTO: Madonna

About Madonna’s career

On August 16, 1958, Madonna Louis Ciccone was born, who became known in the world of music as Madonna; She also worked as a songwriter, business woman and one of the most important in the USA, and became famous with hits such as Frozen, Isla Bonita, Vogue and Papa Don’t Preach.

His biggest hits include songs like “Like a Virgin,” “Material Girl,” “Papa Don’t Preach,” “La Isla Bonita,” “Like a Prayer,” “Express Yourself,” “Vogue,” “Take a Bow “, “Frozen”, “Music”, “Hung Up” and “4 Minutes”.

Madonna is one of the celebrities who surprised by maintaining a shaped and sculptural body even at the age of over 60, however, many noticed that her face has undergone some changes, since it is inevitable to delay the passage of time. The translator dedicated herself to aesthetic treatments and decorations, with which she tried to stay young, but several of her fans believe that she has already gone too far.

The famous actress surprised all her followers. IG PHOTO: Madonna


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