Peru: a bomb explodes in the extortionist’s hand; they amputate his arm

The extortionist was a 20-year-old man. Photo: Getty Images

AND blackmailer who tried to intimidate a local businessman next door CajamarcaCity Jaenin Peru, lost part of his left arm after a homemade bomb exploded before he could leave it outside his victim’s house. then inside We bring you a video captured by security cameras that captured the moment of the attack burst.

In the video you can see how blackmailer he comes in front of the businessman’s house to plant a bomb; however, as he prepares the explosive, it explodes in his hand.

According to local media, which referred to police sources, blackmailer he was identified as Juan Albert Horna Alarcon20 years old, who suffered serious burns along with the amputation of part of his left arm.

It was also reported that after the explosion, the accomplice, who was driving the motorcycle, took jhuan to the hospital for medical help, after which he was detained by the police.

The authorities reported that an investigation file has already been opened to investigate the facts, as the criminals would be part of a gang dedicated to collecting fees from local merchants.

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