Pellet stove, radiator and boiler, what is the cheapest way to heat your home according to OCU?

With the continuous increase in light, FATHER has published some questions to consider when choosing how to heat our home. Now that winter is here, electricity bill suffers an increase due to heating costs. And that is that, according to some researches, every home in our country spends an average of 750 euros on heating. So OCU decided to explain what it is the cheapest option for heating your home.

This figure, which is already quite high, will continue to rise if energy and fuel prices rise gas they stay awake. For this reason, it is important to follow the recommendations that FATHER suggests finding out which options best suit your family’s needs when it comes to heating your home.

From FATHER they calculated the annual cost of heating a house of about 90 square meters in a cold region with the technologies most used for this task. Then we show you the results of this study so that you can evaluate the ideal option so that the cost is not excessive.

Heat your home in the most economical way

If you are thinking of changing your heating system for more efficient or you want to know how you can save given the high prices that different energies achieve, FATHER has conducted a study so that you can evaluate the system that best suits your needs.

change the radiator
How to heat your home according to your needs

If we focus on costs, we have two clear winners: biomass heating and aerothermal. We find in the lower price range heat pumpwhich reaches 455 euros, the pellet stovewhich are around 540 euros and natural gas condensing boiler, with 683 euros. On the opposite side, we have a diesel boiler for 816 euros, electric accumulators that reach 1,046 euros and electric radiators for more than 1,255 euros.

The FATHER advises to consider factors other than price when choosing heating system. To do this, we will see what are the advantages and disadvantages of the most economical systems.

Greenhouse or biomass boiler

In addition to being one of the cheapest options, it is considered a renewable energy source, since its net CO emissions2 they are void. This makes them a viable option. As for its disadvantages, it must be taken into account that they need a channel for exhausting the smoke to the outside and frequent maintenance.

heat pump

This system shares with the previous option the advantage of economy and sustainability. In addition, a device of this type allows you to cool your house in summer. However, it has the disadvantage that your initial investment can be high.

condensing gas boiler

This heating system is one of the most comfortable and efficient, according to OCU. Although its biggest drawback is the installation price, which can reach 4,000 euros.

With this study FATHER posted, you can now choose the most economical and efficient way to heat your home now that winter is here.

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