Paulina Díaz Ordaz speaks for the first time about Thalía’s controversial romance with her father

Alfredo Diaz Ordazthe son of the former president Gustavo Diaz OrdazHe had a controversial affair with Thalía in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He was 40 at the time, and she was only 19, so they caused a big storm in front of the public and fans. And now, decades after the controversy, Paulina Diaz Ordaz He expressed his opinion about the courtship his father had with the actress.

Paulina Díaz Ordaz breaks her silence about the relationship between her father and Thalía

For the first time in a long time, the company and granddaughter of Gustavo Diaz Ordaz He spoke about the commented love affair with his father Thaliasuggesting that it was a very hard blow for his family, but from which they managed to recover.

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Paulina Díaz Ordaz, daughter of Thalía's ex-boyfriend
Paulina Díaz Ordaz, daughter of Thalía’s ex-boyfriend. Photo: Instagram

Paulina admits that it was a very painful time

“No one knows more than those two people what happened, and we only know a little bit. The truth is that I am not here to speak ill of anyone or to judge, and you only live once and you come to be happy,” he said. .

“He injured a lot of people and hit me, my sister and my mother terribly. It was an ugly blow, but here we are with our heads held high and nothing else happened, it didn’t happen to adults. Life goes on, and you have to accept it with a good face” , he concluded.

Alfredo Diaz Ordaz and Paulina Diaz Ordaz
Alfredo Diaz Ordaz and Paulina Diaz Ordaz. Photo: Instagram

The controversial romance of Alfredo Díaz Ordaz and Thalía

Thalia and Alfredo They caused a public uproar not only because of the age difference between the two; but because of the unbridled love she felt for the former president’s son, which led them to marry, according to press rumors.

Alfredo and Thalia
Alfredo and Thalia. Photo: Instagram

Some believe that Thalía loved Alfredo Díaz Ordaz very much that after her death from hepatitis C, she kept the engagement ring given to her by her first great love, as it is today, in a special place in her villa.

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