Paola Rojas shows off her figure at 45 in a tight mini dress

Nice driver again “Divine Networks”, Paola Rojas became a social media sensation after sharing a couple of photos of herself modeling the perfect look for this Day of the Deadone of the most traditional celebrations in our country.

In front of her millions of followers on Instagram, the famous journalist published several photos in which she showed in more detail the spectacular look she wore in the recent broadcast of the TV show. Unique. All the fans were delighted with how well he looks at the age of 45.

Paola Rojas shows off in a mini dress

A few moments ago, in front of all his fans on social networks, Paola Rojas He uploaded some pictures that look amazing for this November 2nd, “Day of the Dead”, with a look that didn’t go unnoticed and his millions of followers let him know.

Turns out he’s also an associate “Who is the mask?She flaunted the title of the most beautiful “Catrine” posing in a beautiful and tight red dress with dark highlights that revealed her toned legs, perhaps one of the most enviable in the entertainment industry.

Photo: Instagram/@paolarojas

In the pictures we see Paola Rojas she sits on the sofa while showing off the great figure she maintains at 45. To give him a touch Day of the Dead to her clothes, the presenter “The Divine Network“A crown was placed that consecrated her as the most beautiful “Catrina” this year 2022.

As expected, the model’s look also did not go unnoticed as it reached thousands of “likes” within minutes and received endless comments pointing out how well the mini dress and her crown turned out as “Katrina”.

Photo: Instagram/@paolarojas

Paola Rojas, hidden star in the film “Who is the mask?”

In addition to appearing in “The Divine Network“and as the headline of one of the most important news in the country, Paola Rojas imposed itself as one of the big surprises of all seasons of reality shows”Who is the mask?“, one of the most successful on Television.

It turned out that the beautiful presenter is in charge of giving voice to the television program, so the viewers indulged in the talent that she wastes presenting the songs of botargas.


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