Pachuca will try not to let Almada go if Tri wants it – Sniper


Before you continue with the gossip that Professor Almada is Martin’s successor in the national team, I will tell you that Armando Martínez has spent his time reminding half the world that El Guille, as his closest friends call him, still has four years left on his contract. with the Pachucos and they don’t want to let him go.

It serves to remind you why he left Santos: the Uruguayan skipper likes to gradually take absolute control over what happens around his teams and in La Laguna, with so many tools available to the coaching staff, it was easy for him to make better decisions, instead of listening to analyzes and data that have given. The final straw was when Almada, despite being warned by medical science that the Lush Egg would thunder, preferred to listen to his physical trainer Rubens Valenzuela and rush him. Eventually, the player broke down and the Warriors fired a utility player. In the long run, it cost the strategist a fight with the administration and its processes.

When Almada arrived in Pachucathe first to rejoin his work team was Valenzuela, who, by the way, look how he ‘put in the waist’ of Chofis López who has already lost 12 kilos from those he gained on vacation in San José.

So, although Almada has shown that he can be a winner with a bold and spectacular style, he is not the candy expert that Doña Fede likes in the national team, and Pachuca does not want to get rid of the coach. It won’t end in Tri for me. Let’s see.


Since the Azteca national team went to European countries to meet Tata, who went ahead to see Tecatito, I will tell you what the prospects are for Corona, nothing flattering between the advertising dream of going to the World Cup and the rejection of Sevilla.

I shuffle more slowly: it’s easier for me to win the lottery this month than for Jesús Manuel to participate in Qatar. So. Although Tecatito is part of the 31-man shortlist, Sevilla have already made it clear that a medical clearance will not arrive before December, and even the Sonora player had to return to the club for a second assessment.

But there’s more than just the sport that could push him to leave: Chuy is part of a Tecate beer campaign during the World Cup, so his injury fell like cold water. The marketing minds of the company in copies of the chela orla maintain the illusion that Chuy will really be in Qatar so as not to throw everything into the sea. It’s worth it, but everything says that Corona doesn’t work.


Continuing with the tricolors, I tell you that Diego Lainez’s plans are not to return to Mexican football, neither in the short nor in the medium term. Factor hopes to have a good World Cup and increase his bonuses in order to emigrate to a club that values ​​him. Although he does not appear as a starter, he knows that every minute will be important to use it and draw the attention of important teams in Europe.

After blown up America wanted him back, it turns out that a Mexican club recently approached his representative to check if he has a chance: Ti-gue-res still from Pio, but they made it clear that for now bags of dollars are not the most important thing in his career. Herrera was one of those who said at the time that he should not have gone to Spain so young, words that Lainez never liked. Come on, Diego, follow the dream.


While El Nido still feels the sadness and disappointment of letting La 14 slip away after a great tournament, I tell you that hope has rekindled with the lower divisions. After the success of the Sub 18, another title came with the Sub 13 feathered, who managed to win Toluca in the final last week, and I am told that one of the sons of the striker who left a deep mark in Coapa shone: Chucho Benítez, the young Cristiano.

My friends at RECORD told you a few months ago that he was already in the small school of the Eagles, so he is still on the right track and was one of the essential parts of this Champion team. Like his father, he shows good condition up front and could soon lead a promising course in the club’s Basic Forces.


And on the way out, I will tell you that it caused irritation in Ajusco when they threw the Final of Ida online signal in Toluca, because they bought the digital rights in Azteca, and they got a download request on YouTube : the original owner It’s television.

Well, lawsuits will come from station to station, but they tell me it won’t happen to adults, just to clarify the rules and not apply ‘Foxiña’ again the next time they buy a live streaming opportunity. Of course, as the Aztecs beat them again in the rating on an open signal, these guys from Chapultepec didn’t even say a peep.


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