Pachuca vs. Toluca: Los Tuzos finish Devil in Hell and are within 90 minutes of the league title

The real night of terror is the one experienced by the Devil himself in Hell. He never reached Toluca the final of the 2022 Open. and when the tail was sticking out the damage was done. The Tuzos showed little but were effective against the opposition goal and settled the first leg with a final lead of 1-5 to think that the second leg would be handled to define the next champion of Aperture 2022.

The home side were the ones who showed the best arguments in the first minutes of the game with better control of the ball, although without dangerous entries in front of the goal. Oscar Ustari. His work was quickly interrupted, when the Tuzos rushed in at the first danger and scored the first goal. It was Romario Ibarra who beat Thiago Volpi with a cross in the 7′ with a right shot on the wing.

It was a strong shock that the Devils experienced, from which they did not wake up for at least the next few minutes; Then, with a bit of luck, the rival managed to increase the lead. In 12′, a free kick caused by a foul by Andrs Mosquera ended with a light shot into the penalty area by Gustavo Cabral. Volpi did not react in time, and the Tuzos increased their lead early.

The visit began to apply the brain game to the match. He left control of the ball to the Devils who progressed little by little, but could do little or nothing against Ustari’s goal. The clearest, very deformed influence of Camilo Sanvezzo.

It was 36′ when the scoreboard started moving again and it will be in Tuza’s favor again. Ibarra’s attempted pass would be denied by the defense but the Ecuadorian would be in a great position to go hand in hand with him. Ibarra will not falter against Volpi, and he will overcome the Brazilian with a soft touch. Almost lapidary 3-0.

There was no damage in the first half, and in the 41st minute, a corner kick went in favor of the guests This will be strongly influenced by Mauricio Isas’ header before the crimson goal. The segmented one will go in through the left post, leaving the stands of Nemesia Diez speechless only after a quarter of the series has been played.

Far from what one might have believed, the second half did not show a crimson revival; actually Tuzos made the difference more comfortable with Nicols Ibez’s goal in the 52nd, who took advantage of a poor volley from Volpo in the heart of his area. The champion received the goal, adjusted his body and increased to 0-5.

With the result in favor, Bella Airosa dosed her efforts and they held back the locals who were desperately trying to get into the series.

The reward for the effort will come to 77′ with the definition of Jordan Sierra in the space after a pass by Leo Fernndez.

It seemed that the board would light up in the final minutes, after the marking maximum penalty in favor of Toluca for the foul on Daniel Álvarez, however, luck showed that, at least in the first game, he would not be on Toluca’s side. The execution of Fernndez would be denied by Ustari by throwing to the left.

The devil goes for a miracle at Hurricane. Four goals won him extra time and five goals won him the title. It remains to be seen what the Tuzos say at home and among their people, people who tonight almost started celebrating the crown of Mexican football.

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